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work samples

Not Lost! Linocut Printing with Artemio Rodriquez
13:30 Mins., 2015

16mm black and white film, VHS and mini-dv tapes are layered in a rhythmic tapestry focusing on details of production and technology as we follow Mexican printmaker Artemio Rodriguez on a visit to Houston.

It Came From the Bayou Print Festival – Burning Bones Press, April 17, 2015
Minneapolis Underground Film Festival, October 7, 2015
Houston Cinema Arts Festival, November 13, 2015

South Texas Underground Film Festival, December 4, 2015

Explode with Happy, Man
2 Mins., 2013

Music Video
for Annie and the Bang Bang

Houston is so Hot Aurora Picture Show August 24, 2013
Qfest, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, July, 2014

Ard As-Sawad
9 Mins., 2008

Experimental documentary about displaced Iraqi artists living in Syria, Jordan, England, France and Holland

Patois: New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival, 2009
Houston @ SXSW, Austin, 2009
East End Live Art: Artists/Mothers, Voices Breaking Boundaries, Houston, 2009
Encuentro Bicultural de Cine Migración, Mexico City, 2008

Al-Mabien / In-between
Iraqi Artists in Exile

30 Mins., 2007

Iraqi artists living in Syria and Jordan

Houston Palestine Film Festival, Houston, 2008

Protesters at the Halliburton Shareholders Meeting
3 Mins., 5/16/2007

The Woodlands, TX
"Take the Money and Run!"

Houston TXU Billionaires for Coal
3 Mins., 2/21/2007

Creative Street Protest aimed at stopping Merrill Lynch from funding TXU's dirty coal plants.

Trading Freedom: The Secret Life of the FTAA
56 Mins., 2002

Collaboratively made documentary prodcued by indymedia